We've added a module to show the progress of campaigns—it could be a fundraising campaign, or a project to clean up X number of beaches—any numerically quantifiable goal. You can now demonstrate your progress on any landing page with the "Progress Bar" module. 


  1. Switch to "Customize this page" view on the desired page. 
  2. Press the Plus sign in the blue region header above the page region of the page you'd like the add the module (such as "Main"). 
  3. Choose the "Basic Modules" group at left, and select the "Progress Bar" module
  4. Fill in the corresponding values, from top to bottom
    1. Click "Override title" if you'd like to give the progress bar a title heading
    2. Enter the starting point value in "Starting point"
    3. Enter "Current status" = must be a number. 
    4. Enter the "Goal" number
    5. Select an optional label like "dollars raised" or "beaches monitored" 
    6. Choose whether that label should go before or after the "current status" number with "Label position"
    7. Adjust spacing above and below the bar with "Paddings" if necessary (default settings are typically fine)
  5. Click Finish, and save the page


The progress bar will be filled automatically based on the values you enter.